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Expats in Gabrovo

Gabrovo - best place for doing business in Bulgaria
In 2011, the study conducted by the Bulgarian “Institute of Market Economy” ranked Gabrovo number one in its Index on Local Business Environment.


Training for UK students at "Etar", Gabrovo
On 14 July, the Ethnographic museum Etar will welcome British students, who are involved in a project by „GRAMPUS Heritage Training”. During their 6 days stay, they will get acquainted with the ...


Heavy rains expected today 05.07.2011 in Northern Bulgaria
“Code Yellow warning” issued by National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology today...


A thematic guided tour of the central part of Gabrovo
Whether you are on long or short-term stay in Gabrovo it’s always a good idea to be shown the town by locals, so do not hesitate to contact the "House of Humour and Satire Museum" and request a guided tour in Gabrovo.


Beekeeping fair in Gabrovo
This weekend, July 9 and 10, at the architectural ethnographic complex “ Etar” the ninth apiarist’s fair will take place organized by museum “Etar’ and the Beekeepers’ Association Gabrovo.


Day without plastic bags in Gabrovo on July 29
All 264 municipal mayors in Bulgaria have decided to stage a "day without plastic bags" on July 29, 2011. The municipalities have rallied behind the idea to take serious measures against the use ...


New exhibition by Kolio Karamfilov at “Orlovska10” art gallery, Gabrovo
Tomorrow, 14.07.2011, “Orlovska10” art gallery will receive its beloved friend, the prominent Bulgarian artist Kolio Karamfilov.


Valuable donation for Gabrovo
Slovenian artist, writer, cartoonist, photographer, graphic artist, member of the Society of Slovenian Designers and the Union of Slovenian Fine Arts Associations...


Another Way of Paying Taxes – now through EASYPAY
Recently the Municipality in Gabrovo has enetered into agreement with EASYPAY Jsc. The property taxes, motor vehicle taxes and council taxes can now be paid on the pay-desks of Easypay with ...


International Fair of Crafts Etar - Gabrovo Program
2st-5th of September (Fri-Mon) * Competition ”Braid making” 2nd of September (Fri) * 13.00h Seventh International Scientific Conference ”Traditional crafts – past, present, ...


Brazil President to Visit Her Father Hometown Gabrovo in October
Brazil's Bulgaria-descended President Dilma Rousseff will visit the architectural-ethnographic complex Etara, near the central city of Gabrovo, during her upcoming trip her father's native country. ...




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